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Charlie B December 4; Jerald B December 11; Surprise - December 18; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Date: November 6, 2002


Charlie presented Galon Dennis of the Victory Mission. Rev. Dennis described the programs sponsored by the Victory Mission. Not only are there services for men at the Mission but there is a pantry, thrift store and food depot. Services are provided for abused women as well as services for children and a Christian based recovery program is offered to those who have alcohol or drug problems.

GUEST: Alan Queen

Date: November 13, 2002


Tina presented Jeff Smith with the Salvation Army. He described all the services the Salvation Army provides to the community. These services range from, free lunches to providing goods to those in need through the thrift store. The Salvation Army kettle fund drive is now underway and provides a large amount of the funding for these services.

GUEST: Matt Puccio

Date: November 20, 2002


Joe presented a program about arthritis. There are several forms of arthritis and suffers have to be careful in taking pain medication that could damage the liver. One of the best ways to reduce the pain is moderate exercise directed and the location of the pain.

GUEST: Alice, Lena=s cousin

Date: November 27, 2002


The members did a brief planning session to discuss combining a Youth Appreciation Week activity with a Christmas event for Bridges for Youth. Ron is to check with Steve Hare. The members then adjourned the meeting briefly to shop for the Thanksgiving basket. Turkey, ham and the fixings were purchased and Doug and Tina were to delivery the food to the deserving family shortly after 8:00 a.m.



CHRISTMAS PARTY - will be at Charlie Erickson=s again this year. Make a note that it will be on Saturday night December 14. The club will furnish a turkey and members will bring, covered dishes, salads and deserts. Lena is warming up the bingo cards and everyone is encouraged to bring a white elephant gift again this year.


Upcoming - Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets.

Youth Appreciation week. Joe presented the club with a couple of ideas for an activity. One dealt with an outdoor event and another would be an indoor activity such as bowling. The club also discussed having a Christmas event at Bridges for Youth that could be an activity for YAW. A decision will be made after some further investigation.

The Springfield area Optimist Clubs have joined together to seek better participation in the Oratorical and Essay contest. It is hoped that through such joint participation more children will enter the contest.

The area clubs are also looking at joint participation in one or more events where child ID kits can be given to parents or grandparents. Matt Puccio has arranged for the area clubs to provide the kits at a skating with Santa event at Jordan Valley Ice Park on December 15 from 5:00 to 6:30.

The December 11 meeting will be the NOW meeting at which prospective members will be invited and asked to join Optimist International. If you have any prospect names, get them to Jerry as soon as possible so that a formal invitation can be sent.




No one is getting personal.


Be involved in planning activities to help the youth of this community. Have a fun time with other members. Bring a friend and show them the benefits of Optimism